Francis-Gardian of Darkness


Francis personality

Franis Edit

Gardian: darkness 

Age: 23

eye colour: violet

origion: Planet Kirievir

Linage: nobitity


He is a gentle-mannered youth, with a refined appearance and elegant smile.


Francis, as a therapist, comforts the hearts of people who see him however he never tries to show his heart. He hides his real feelings and personality behind his smiling façade. In reality, Francis is himself very depressed and disappointed in who he is, calling himself "full if holes," just like the city he lives in.

After meeting Ange, he began to see the brighter side to himself and his life. He then slowly begins to change into a considerate, brave, and loyal man who lives for others.


When he was young, the shock he received when his father died in accident made him lose part of his memory. He worked as a psychotherapist before becoming a Guardian. He is the reincarnation of Rakin who appeared in Koi suru Tenshi Angelique.



Ange is the first person he opens up to as she is able to see through his fake smile. Over the course of his time with her, Francis finds himself increasingly distracted by thoughts of her, often finding himself drawn to her without knowing why. Later, after he becomes a Guardian, Francis often goes out of his way to be with Ange and falls in love with her. Eventually, he becomes jealous when he sees her with Arios, and later tells her of his feelings; asking her to be with him even after her mission as the Etoile ends.


Francis and Ange