Ernst is the Guardian of Steel in the Seijuu Universe, and the former head of the research division in the Shinchou Universe.


He is a tall man with steel-grey hair and green eyes.


Ernst is a calm, analytical man who is logical and devoted to his duty. However, he also has an obsession with being perfect and once fell into a depression when he failed to stabilize a planet's Sacrea.



Ernst has always helped Ange since she began her mission as the Etoile, and when she fell into aroma in the anime he monitored her condition. After becoming a Guardian of Seijuu, and failing in his first mission to balance a Sacrea anomaly, Ernst ran away. Ange found him along with Victor, the Guardian of Earth, and she was able to comfort him and restore his confidence. Afterwards, he appears to develope feelings for Ange, blushing after he offhandedly commented that she was "becoming more charming every day."