Clavis is the Guardian of Darkness in the Shinchou Universe.


Clavis is a tall man with long, black hair and violet eyes.


Clavis has a very quiet and reserved personality, but he is also very sentimental; keeping a book from his home planet during the entirety of his service as a Guardian.


Clavis grew up with his mother on his home planet; the two of them were very close. However, when his powers awakened he was forcefully taken from her. He then spent quite some time as the Guardian of Darkness in the Shinchou Universe, and eventually it was time to choose a new queen. He fell in love with one of the queen candidates, and asked her to be with him. However, she chose to become the next queen, leaving him heart broken.



At first, Clavis was rather distant from Ange, and refused to give her Dark Sacrea when she asked for it, saying that she wasn't ready. Later, after accidentally knocking his book into the river, Ange offered to repair it and he allowed it. It wasn't until after she'd fixed it that Clavis saw what kind of person she really was, and he decided to get to know her better. It is hinted that he might've fallen in love with her.

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