Charlie is the Guardian of Fire in the Seijuu Universe.


Charlie is a tall, well-built man with a fair complexion and tan skin. He is usually seen in his purple business suit. However, as a Guardian, he wears white pants, a purple jacket, and a red cape with flame motifs.


Charlie is a responsible man, being the head of the Wong Financial Corporation. He is kind and a bit of a gentleman. He also has a tendency to laugh when impressed by someone.


Charlie has a good relationship with his family and loves them all dearly, enough to take them into consideration when he was called to the Holy Land.


When Charlie first met Ange he saw her Holy Angel wings and was in awe. He was then later impressed when she dove to save his contract worth 10 billion yen. Over the course of their time together, Charlie becomes rather attached to Ange, referring to her as his childhood friend, and feeling comfortable beside her. He slowly developed feelings and fell in love with her.

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