Guardians are nine beings who govern the different types of Sacrea in a universe. They are also tasked with serving the Queen of their universe, pledging their bodies and hearts to her.


In the times before the Legendary Etoile, Guadrians were forcefully taken from their home-worlds whenever their powers awakened, inspite of age or whether or not they even wanted to become a Guardian. This often left many Guardians scarred and even unwilling to comply with their duties at first.


The nine Guardians have powers according to the particular Sacrea they govern: Light, Darkness, Fire, Earth, Water, Wind, Greenery, Steel, and Dreams. During the time of their service, the Guardians will use their power to help their Queen maintain balance in their universe by giving Sacrea where it is needed. However, the times of service vary from Guardian-to-Guardian; they will remain a Guardian until their powers begin to fade, and once they have abated completely then the former Guardian is then returned to his former home planet. A new guardian is the chosen when the Sacrea of the former Guardian awakens inside of him.

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